Indo's safest fish foot spa's located in Ubud
Cultural center of Bali

We are Bali's leading fish spa in terms of:
  • Foot fish spa packages
    • A foot fish spa package is preceded by a foot wash to protect the health of our fish.
    • Then be seated with feet in the aquarium.
    • Enjoy the water, fish, music, chill while served with complimentary tea.
    • Then followed by one of variety of foot care machines, either Infra Red (IR) therapy or vibrating massage. 

  • Fish care
    • In Bali we are leader in Doctor Fish care.
    • We employ world class technologies and nature friendly (as opposed to chemical interventionist) water treatment and filtration techniques
    • We believe our fish enjoy a better mortality rate than those in the wild.
  • We Love Our Fish  

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