As the legend goes, the healing powers of the fish were discovered in modern times by a shepherd and his flock. Apparently he stumbled into marshy ground with an injured foot and found the open wound besieged by little fish. The wound healed and eventually word got out to the outside world about this incredible treatment.

Fish Therapy  was first recorder in the 1700's in the Kangal region of Turkey but has most likely existed for thousands of years. The spring is located 13km from Kangal in a tiny settlement. There are four bathing pools, three of which are open-air. The pools were built in 1900, and were opened to the public in 1963.

The water in these pools is naturally fed from a hot spring, and is naturally drained, resulting in continuously replenished clean water. The water at the spring near Kangal has also been reported as being beneficial in assisting to treat rheumatic disease, neurological disorders (neuralgia, neuritis, paralysis), orthopedic and traumatological sequelae (fractures, joint trauma and muscle disease), gynecological problems (by lavage), and skin diseases, urolithiasis (from drinking), as well as psychosomatic disorders. But, as mentioned above, psoriasis is the diseases which has made the spring so popular as a therapeutic.

Here we believe the process exfoliates the skin and os a healthy activity, however we are not attempting to provide medical care of any kind. Generally our customers find it a hoot and just enjoy the experience.

Rest assured that Garra rufa also know as Dr. Fish have no teeth, they must rely on their lips and the skin softening effects of the water.

We're ebullient that our fish get to feed on humans! Usually it's the other way around isn't it. This way it's beneficial both ways and no deaths occur. Truly a win win scenario don't you think?

We challenge you to find a better fish spa package in Bali. We further challenge you to find a more economical deal compared to our package and service. If you can find better we'll eat out hats!

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